About GeorgeTown

Where is this GeorgeTown?  It’s my little haven on the internet, born out of my depression, my Darkness.

My Darkness has no clear beginning or end.  It probably began around the time my second child was born (2008) and was amplified shortly after the birth of my fourth (spring 2012).  I can tell you how the Darkness began, when I became Unglued, and the day God set my feet back under me and I began climbing out of the pit.  That day was the beginning of The Light, but not the end of The Darkness.  I can still feel it pulling at me some days, but at last I have hope.

Here at GeorgeTown I chronicle my battles, my victories, and share tools that have been essential to edging further and further away from the Darkness.  Sometimes this means a profound thought, and sometimes it’s a recipe (Because let’s face it, with 4 kids and a husband I spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen.  You can read about my family here.).

Above all, this is a place where we can be real.  I think you’ll find honesty, humor, a little craziness, and hopefully encouragement for your own battle.

Maybe your Darkness is feeling overwhelmed by parenting. You’re not alone.

Maybe in your Darkness you were diagnosed with a health condition and you are looking into a more nourishing diet. You aren’t alone either.

Perhaps your Darkness is figuring out how to support a partner or friend deep in their own Darkness.  You aren’t the only one.

Or maybe you’ve never been into the Darkness. I’m so happy for you, and I’m glad you’re here!

In GeorgeTown, MN we learn from and lift up one another. We take down our defenses and realize that we are flawed, each of us, and we are not alone.

Join us!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor.  Any advice or information given on this website is purely my own.  Please seek counsel from your physician before making any diet or lifestyle choices.

Sometimes affiliate links are included for your convenience, and will always be labeled as such.  This means if you click on the link and purchase something I may make a commission.  I assure you that all reviews are my own opinions.


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